Friday, March 25, 2011

It's Waddle Time!

"Pierre Still Dreams of Paris"

This is the illustration I created for Michigan Basset Rescue and will be their logo and theme for the 2011 Waddle.

A Waddle is a fund raising event for Basset Hound Rescue. Bassets walk, er waddle if you've ever seen one from behind, in the local parade and collect pledges for the mile or so that that they go to the finish line.  Then on to the park for a big picnic and Pawction.  It's great fun and supports the old, ill, injured, homeless, and abandoned dogs that are rescued, repaired, fostered and given a new life in a loving home.

The Michigan Waddle is the Grandmama of all the Waddles. Check out their website-  and order a T Shirt with  Pierre and you'll always have Paris too! And help out some cool little short legged dogs while you're at it.

Thanks for lookin'

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